KINGMAX Makes Crypto Hardware Wallet Debut With SecSycript Card X1

KINGMAX, a world-renowned professional supplier of memory products, is launching into the cryptocurrency and NFT market with SecSycript Card X1, a highly secure cryptocurrency hardware, or cold, wallet. After microSD memory cards for smartphones and fingerprint USB flash drives, KINGMAX’s R&D team has come up with a new high-specification offering to cater to the rapidly growing blockchain market that imposes even more stringent requirements over security. Coming with Bluetooth 5.0 transmission technology and an industry-leading CC EAL 6+ certified chip embedded, SecSycript Card X1 provides cryptocurrency owners with a highly secure hardware private key for asset protection. Moreover, this cold wallet’s capacity for offline storage means a wide range of corporate or individual applications in different settings, such as electronic signing of smart contracts, that promise to ensure the security of both assets and data in blockchain applications.

Good for trading of major cryptocurrencies and digital signing of smart contracts

In conjunction with a specially developed smartphone app, SecSycript Card X1 can be used on virtually all the most traded cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Tether, Ripple, Dogecoin, Litecoin, ERC20, etc. (*the number of supported cryptocurrencies still on the rise). To accommodate blockchain smart contracts and NFT transactions that are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, the aforesaid app has an embedded DApp browser to link the card with other DApps developed for the Ethereum and Binance platforms (such as websites for NFT and DeFi transactions) and can perform digital signing of a wide range of smart contracts. 


Three lines of defense: encryption chip, extra-wide display, image-corresponding password

In a departure from most other USB-linked hardware wallets on the market, SecSycript Card X1 represents a major upgrade in security while serving as a hardware wallet or completing digital signing. Apart from offline storage of private keys, KINGMAX’s latest cold wallet adopts Bluetooth connection in conjunction with a specially developed smartphone app to minimize the risk of hacker interception without undermining user convenience. A three-tiered defense mechanism further ensures security: (1) an embedded CC EAL 6+ certified chip is capable of defending against data theft by external intruders; (2) an extra-wide e-paper display helps users confirm the transaction hash suffix, thereby warding off hacker alteration of account numbers or theft of digital signatures; and (3) a patented image-corresponding method (patent number I729832) is adopted to protect against peeping or interception by substituting numerals with images during password key-in. These features go a long way toward meeting the stringent security requirements for blockchain applications and justify why SecSycript Card X1 stands out as a cold wallet in a class of its own.


A light, thin, compact portable

SecSycript Card X1 stores private keys offline and thus offers greater security than its hot wallet counterparts that always stay connected, be it in trading cryptocurrencies or applying digital signatures to smart contracts.  As light and slim as a credit card, it is easy to carry, store, and use anytime anywhere.  With its embedded ultrathin lithium battery comes the possibility of switching on or off the device by means of a “smart multifunction button.” The card’s electronic screen can show the QR code or other details of a given transaction account in entirety. While users are required to use an exclusive USB charger, standby time runs approximately 2-3 weeks, depending on the frequency of use. Users are thus recommended to recharge the card every two weeks to maintain the battery in optimal condition. The aforesaid app specially developed for SecSycript Card X1 works on both the iOS and Android platforms. Please find and download this app from App Store or Google Play before using the card. To learn more about SecSycript Card X1, please visit:

 Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet SecSycript Card X1

【Product Specification】

Bluetooth version

BLE 5.0 (encrypted communication)

Security Feature

CC EAL6+ certified security element embedded

Improvement Proposals

BIP32, BIP39 and BIP44,
 (Hierarchical Deterministic wallet)


  • BTC, ETH, BNB, OMNI USDT, XRP, DOGE, LTC and ERC20 tokens (more cryptocurrencies are increasing)
  • Built-in DApp browser support smart contract of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

Digital Display

1.43” 30K pixel ePaper




85.60 x 53.98 x 0.9mm

Working temperature



1 year


SecSycript card X1, charging case, user manual and cue card.

  *Please download SecSycript card APP from App store or Google play and install in mobile phone. (*or scan QR code below)