KINGMAX Releases DDR5 Memory to Match Latest Intel/AMD Processors, Chipsets

 DDR5 Horizon overclocking memory module

KINGMAX, a world-renowned professional supplier of memory products, has introduced the latest “Horizon” series of DDR5 5200MHz/5600MHz/6000MHz memory that fully supports both Intel’s 13th-generation Raptor Lake and Z790 platform and AMD’s Ryzen 7000 processors and 600-series motherboards. DDR5 Horizon also promises to make the most of the overclocking capacities of Intel XMP3 and AMD EXPO, thereby bringing speed-hungry gamers, overclocking enthusiasts, and creators an utterly satisfying performance.

DDR5 Horizon overclocking gaming ram

Made from choice chips and fully conforming to JEDEC criteria, KINGMAX’s DDR5 Horizon comes in three frequencies: 5200MHz, 5600MHz, and 6000MHz. With a CL36 latency and running at 1.25V, it is available in single- or dual-channel versions with 8GB/16GB/32GB capacities to cater to different consumer needs. Moreover, the QVL certification of a good number of leading motherboard manufacturers attests to its superior compatibility with brand-new PC platforms.

DDR5 Horizon overclocking memory module retail package

Starting at a speed of 5200MHz, DDR5 Horizon runs far faster than its DDR4 predecessor. The introduction of dual subchannels that run independently makes data processing much more efficient. On-die error correction code (ECC) goes a long way toward increasing reliability by minimizing errors, thanks to which the DDR5 device can expect to keep up stability and data integrity. Furthermore, an on-module power management integrated circuit (PMIC) can attain optimal power allocation across the board, thereby ensuring stable power supply. Last but not least, DDR5 Horizon’s unassuming but effective aluminum heatsink dissipates heat substantially and thus allows users to readily enjoy the sensation of ultrahigh speed that only the overclocking capabilities of Intel XMP3 and AMD EXPO can bring.

Relentlessly committed to the highest quality, KINGMAX adopts lead-free manufacturing processes and faithfully stands by the EU’s RoHS and CE requirements. In order to provide consumers with the best possible memory products, KINGMAX invariably has them undergo the most stringent inspection and testing ahead of delivery. For more product information, please visit our website: